What is the Literacy Center?


April 24, 2006

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Marlington Middle School proudly announces the official opening of the Land of Literacy Center (LOL). The room, volunteers, and materials are all dedicated to making reading pleasurable.

Students in all three grades have the privilege of coming to the LOL during their study hall once a week. The program includes all students in the building and is geared to students of all reading abilities. Currently, students are selected to visit the LOL on the basis of teacher recommendations. Other selections are random, based on a match between volunteer availability, and student schedules.

Just look at the choices--graphic novels, interactive computer programs, reader’s theater, audio books, book clubs, current events magazines, joke books, Mad Libs, x-treme sports books--new materials are arriving weekly.

Mary Jo Fox, is heading a team of trained volunteers, who work with small groups of students. She will gladly accept new volunteers as the Ohio Reads Team looks toward a fully-operational program next year.

Please feel free to ask for more information or to share any other literacy-related ideas with building administrators or members of the Ohio Reads team.
Share our enthusiasm and watch us grow!


The Ohio Reads Team
Tierney Bratten
Raeann Carbone
Mary Jo Fox
Bonnie Linerode
LueAnn Morocco
Cathy Torma

Steve Viscounte
Molly Plaskett





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