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Mrs. Bratten’s
Classroom Rules

Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. There will be no changing of assigned seat, unless done by the teacher. Be in your seat when the bell rings. Stay in your seat until the bell rings at the end of class. If you come late from another class, you MUST have a pass.

Please tell the teacher any problems with your computer when you first come into class. Do not leave any messages on the computer login when you leave class.

Follow directions the first time they are given.There will be no talking when I am giving instructions. You may talk quietly while you are working on assignments. Use class time wisely. When an assignment is given, you are expected to work on it the entire time.

There will be no e-mail or instant messages.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Do not tip your chair. Push chairs in at the end of class.

Please have a folder for this class. Make sure to bring your folder and a pencil to class each day.

DO NOT touch other students’ computers, keyboards or mice. Disks and CDs from home may not be brought to class.

No personal grooming during class.

In order to use the restroom, you must have your assignment book. You may not leave to go to your locker. Come prepared to class.

All school rules apply. If you are unsure of the rules, please ask me.

Disrespect of other students or the teacher will not be tolerated and action will be taken according to the stated consequences.