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Fun Sites for Free Time

Popcap Games Type Shark - Practice your typing skills using this game. Click on the click to play button on the right side of the screen.

Fact Monster - Learn some new information from the many different categories. There are also many different types of fun quizzes you can take to challenge you.

Guinness Book of World Records - What's the world's longest bridge? The fastest bird? This will known book has those answers, and many more. You can even learn how to break a record yourself.

National Geographic for Kids
- Amazing facts, fun puzzles, cool facts, and fascinating stories.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
- Get news on your favorite athletes and sports, play some fantasy games, try your hand at trivia questions, and lots more.

CNNfyi - Get the latest kids' newss in current national and world events, science and technology, business, language, and more from CNN. - Try some of the memory games, word games, or arcade games.

Scholastic - Get information on your favorite authors, play games, or take some of the polls.

Channel One
- Check out the latest headlines or try out some of the games and contests.

OhKids-Fun links for webtweens.

Map Puzzles - US and World - Try to put together one of these map puzzles.