Marlington Middle School
General School Supply List

6th Grade

*No mechanical pencils
*Notebook paper
*One box of kleenex
*No pens
*Non odor markers/highlighters
*Color Pencils
*Glue Stick
*Folders with 2 pockets and 3 prongs(0ne for each subject)
*#2 wooden pencils with erasers
*OGT Calculator (Buy at school)
*1-3 ring binder notebook 2-3 inch for Math
*2 - 1.5" binders for Social Studies and Science

*Stick deodorant for gym

7th grade

*No trappers please!
*Notebook Paper (3-ring loose)
*One set of wipe off markers (not yellow)
* sharpened pencils -- 12 or more!
*Color Pencils (One box)
Glue stick

*One box of kleenex
*OGT Calculator (Buy at school)
*Four - 3 pronged folders with pockets
*Three 1.5" - 3-ring binders with pockets

Graph notebook paper
6 (3 ring hole dividers)
* Composition book - Quad ruled - no lines
*Stick deodorant for gym




8th Grade

One box of kleenex
Loose leaf paper
Pencils #2
Folders with pockets and prongs
Dark (No odor) dry erase markers
Red/Green/Black/Blue pens
Clear plastic protractor
OGT calculator (Buy at school)
Stick deodorant- gym

Each individual teacher may have an additional list as it pertains to class

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Last Updated April 25, 2007