Dear Parents/Guardians of Middle School Students,

As you may have heard your child(ren) will be taking the
Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in 10th grade. This test is a
very important test. They must pass it, according to the
state’s standards, to recieve a diploma from high school.
The middle school teachers are preparing them for this test.

While taking the OGT in 10th grade, students are permitted to use a certain
calculator. The calculator students are allowed to use is the OGT calculator made by Scenario. Unfortunately, the calculators you bought when your child was in 5th grade are unacceptable for use on the OGT.
We have an order placed for several of these calculators. These OGT calculators will be available for sale during the first week of school in the middle school office for $7.50, our cost. Another reason for purchasing these calculators is that the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math teachers will spend some time in class instructing students how to best use these calculators. If each student has this calculator it will be beneficial for them as lessons are presented.

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Last Updated September 15, 2006