Math Update

Dear Parents/Guardians of Middle School Students,

As you may have heard your child(ren) will be taking the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in 10th grade. This test is a very important test. They must pass it, according to the state’s standards, to receive a diploma from high school. The middle school teachers are helping to prepare them for this test.

While taking the OGT in 10th grade, students are permitted to use a certain calculator. The calculator students are allowed to use is called the OGT calculator made by Scenario (SC-121). We have ordered these calculators in bulk to receive a reduced price. Middle school teachers are using these calculators in class. Several students have already purchased one. We have a few calculators remaining. If your child would like to purchase one s/he can. The cost of the calculator is $7.50, the same price the school purchased them for. Checks can be made out to Marlington Middle School. If your child has already purchased one, then please make sure they have their name in permanent marker on the cover provided for the calculator and on the calculator itself! We have had several come up missing. There is no way to identify whose it is without a name on it.

To prepare students for the OGT, all middle school students will be taking an achievement math test in March. Throughout the year we are exposing them to the concepts included on this test so they can experience success. Copies of old tests are available on Ohio Department of Education’s website ( You can access the old tests by going to this website and scrolling down. On the right side there is a section called “quick links”. Click on “Assessment/Testing”. Then, on the left side, click on “Released Tests”. From there you can choose which grade level test you want to view/print, and you can choose to view/print the answers and scoring guidelines. This would be a great way to review over Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

With appreciation for your support,

Marlington Middle School Math Team


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