Marlington Middle School
7th Grade Science Environmental Day - Spring 2005

Students attended the following sessions to learn how to be more environmentally friendly.

Island Survivor - Students brainstormed about how they would live on an island for two weeks.
Reptiles and amphibians - Students viewed corn snakes, geico, toad, and a turtle. Students were able
to touch and learn about the animals.
Life Cycle of the shoe - The Nike organization recycles tennis shoes to be be used again in such things
as astroturf and track fields.
Banana Splits - Instructors demonstrated how the components of a banana split comes from the rain forest
and travels a great deal for you to eat.
Nature Center - Students were taught how to find the age of a tree through its growth rings. They also
played a game on how a forest survives with sunlight, nutrition, and water.
Polymers - The instructors showed the students how plastics have become part of our environment.
The students also made "goop".

Students also viewed a video on "Biodiversity".

Pictures from Environmental Day

Sponsors for the event included:

SEA "Student Environmental Awareness" from Mount Union College
Keep Alliance Beautiful
Mount Union College Nature Center
Mary Hultman from Stark Parks