8th Grade Archaeological Dig

In the fall of this school year, the eighth grade students participated in Earth Scene Investigations. The students used handheld GPS units to locate the latitude, longitude, and elevation of various sites around the middle school. They also used MUC field guides to identify the types of land cover at different locations. The eighth graders also engaged in a "geological timeline" which had different materials at each area that represented something significant that represented a certain time period in geologic history. Students then participated in an on-site archeology dig back by the pavilion and found quite an assortment of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Back in the lab, students worked hard to research and identify what types of rocks and minerals they had found and how their formation occurred. They also identified the types of fossils found and
from which geologic time period they were from. These activities launched the start of a very engaging unit about Earth Science and its connection to other branches of Science. Mrs. Bratten furthered the use of technology by having the students blog about their experiences during computer class.
Mrs. Schloneger and Mrs. Buck, along with two graduate geology students from Kent State University, Beth Hart, and Yvette Vlack, developed the activites and presented these inquiry projects at the GK12 Conference held in Washington, DC on March 11th.

Student Blogs


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