Cookies for Character Winners

Students nominate one another based on the six traits of character. A parent committee reviews the selections and picks a student from each grade level. The winner is announced during the lunch period and received a large chocolate chip cookie that is made by the MMS cooks.

The following are the six traits of character:

Community Service


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Cody Milburn Megan Lab Libby Milburn
Bethany Brugger Jessica Summers Katie Rich
Brittany Brugger Charmain Guessman Ricky McIntosh
Cassie Carpenter   Jacob Ray
TJ Mathes Nathan Dickson Heidi Steiner
Samantha Schmanke Kayla Santee Craig Knisely
Randy Vaughan Melissa Johnson Lindsey Jones
Aliesha Robinson Matt Gorman Sarah Anstine
Jacob Ryan Rebecca Faverty Aaron St. John
Samantha Luthie Audrey Duff Nate Manos
Isabelle Steiner Alden Hill Julie Carpenter
Adam Penird Mackenna Worley Eric Kuhn
Megan Bader Dalton Cathey Billy Arnold
Kyle Johnson Clayton Staib Kodi Hull 
Bragi Bennet Allison Brooks Aaron Ray
Josh Reiter Emily Thomas Tyler Siefke
Morgan Bitzel Austin Melaney Shane Daniels
Tiffany Gamertsfelder  Evan Mills  Mackenzie Marchand
Austin Cutright  Keri Gamble  Sarah Koontz
Stacy Kent    
Molly Hoover    

Note: Some award recipients are not listed due to permission to list name denial.


Last Updated April 27, 2007