to bring with you to Nature's Classroom

We want your outdoor education experience with Nature's Classroom to be unique, valuable, and memorable. Organization and efficiency allow us to devote quality time with your students. This list will assist you in organizing the items we need from you upon arrival. It is helpful to receive student Letters to Nature's Classroom and Field Group lists before you arrive. We have found it advantageous not to disclose the Field Group lists to the students until they meet their instructor at the camp.

Upon arrival to FFA Campo Muskingum, please have this paperwork prepared to give to the Director:

1. Signed Health and Registration form.

2. All labeled medication.

4. Camp store money and camp store form(s).

5. List of students eligible for the REduced or Free Child Nutrition Program (please     specify which program).

6. Special needs list (birthdays, diet, health concerns, etc.).
          If possible, please organize the special needs lists by field group. That way it           will be easier to give the relevant information to the field group leader.

7. Completed field group assignment lists (please try to balance numbers males and     females). Please check with the director before completing lists to find out the     number of field groups.

8. Bunk bed assignments (optional).

9. Big smiles!! (not optional!!).



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Last Updated October 3, 2006