Camp Muskingum

November 8-10



Dear Parents:

Your child will soon have an opportunity to participate in our residential outdoor education program. This letter attempts to answer some of the questions that you may have Please feel free to ask about any other concerns regarding your child and the program.

Outdoor education offers hands-on, motivational learning experiences that cannot easily take place in the classroom. Students and adults who participate in Nature's Classroom will learn to better understand themselves, each other, and their natural surroundings. This experience gives students the chance to have a successful, responsible, and an important part of the group. The program includes activities such as orienteering, examining lake and pond life, creating a camp newspaper exploring Native American and other cultures, overcoming group challenges, and much more. A variety of field group activities, classes in all subject areas, and all-camp evening programs ensure an exciting experience for the students, who are supervised 24 hours a day. In addition to the classroom teachers and chaperones accompanying each visiting group, Nature's Classroom has a permanent staff residing on-site, consisting of a director, and assistant director, and environmental teachers. An Emergency State Care facility is within 15 minutes and two hospital are within 50 minutes away from our site. Every student is covered by insurance while attending the program.

There is no requirement that students undergo a medical examination before attending Nature's Classroom. The program is physically intensive, however, and you may wish to consult your physician if there are any health concerns that should be brought to the attention of the staff. Such guidance will assist them in planning the program of activities with the students. Please note any special concerns on the Nature's Classroom medical form. The form must be completed before a student can attend. Health and safety are our most important objectives.

A clothing and equipment checklist is provided. Particular care should be taken in supplying ample footwear and pants, as students sometimes participate in activities regardless of rain and mud. Clothes should be chosen for comfort and durability, rather than style. Please add items as appropriate for the season (gloves, parkas, etc.). Please do not feel the need to purchase any new items for your child's experience.

Meals are prepared by a permanent cooking staff and served family style. Special dietary needs should be noted on the medical form. Students, visiting teachers, and chaperones are lodged in dormitory housing. Parents are welcome to visit our site anytime; however, such visits should be made before or after your child's experience, unless attending as a chaperone.

The telephone is not available for the students' use, and parents are asked not to call students ,except in case of an emergency. The Nature's Classroom telephone number is (330) 627-2208.

If you are interested in mailing a letter to your child, allow 4 days for delivery. Mail posted midweek may not reach Nature's Classroom until Friday, after the group has left. Please include the name of both the student and homeroom teacher to assist delivery. Mail should be sent to: Nature's Classroom, 3266 Dyewood Road, SW, Carrollton, Ohio 44615.

I look forward to spending time with your child during the Nature's Classroom program and am confident that it will be a wonderful experience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call. Thank you for your cooperation.



Courtney Meyers


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Last Updated October 3, 2006