6th Grade Parent Letter



We’re looking forward to a terrific year and we hope you are too! Listed below you will find what you will be needing to start the year. Mr. Viscounte and Mr. Fox are anxious to meet you at one of the orientations in August. (Check out our web site for 2007-08 current information)

Sixth grade and new student orientation for students and parents/guardians will be held on Tuesday, August 21 for students whose last name begins with the letters A through M and on Thursday, August 23 for students whose last name begins with the letters N through Z. Both meetings begin at 6:00 pm. If your assigned date conflicts with other plans, you may attend on the alternate date. Please remember that the reason for two dates is that we cannot seat everyone at the same time. Information regarding the upcoming school year will be provided. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about your concerns. We encourage you and your child to attend. We are very anxious to see you!

Area stores have a list in July!!
In the 6th grade each student should purchase a Math OGT calculator. You can only purchase these at school. They will be available for student purchase at MMS in September.
Book bags are permitted to be carried to and from school, as long as they fit easily into lockers. Rolling book bags should be carried when entering the building.

Each student will receive a daily planner. The cost will be included in the student fees. Our staff feels the planner will help the student with organizational and study skills. It may also help parents/guardians monitor student assignments.

The bad news is that there is no recess at the Middle School. The good news is that you’ll have gym class at least two days a week with two fantastic gym teachers, Mrs. Heather and Mr. Gabelt. They plan a lot of wonderful activities for our students. They will explain the class rules when school starts. The dress code for gym class includes:
Shoes: Athletic shoes but not turf shoes or shoes that leave marks. ( Shoes must be worn in science class for labs !)
Socks must be worn
Stick deodorant - sprays are irritating to eyes
Shorts, sweatpants, or jogging suit pants (no jeans)
T-shirt, sweatshirt,or jogging suit top (No tank tops, mesh or fishnet tops)

There is a dress code for the middle school.
We will go over that at the orientation. Please call if you have any questions. Please make sure shorts/skirts are long enough and that shirts do not show any skin.
Boys pants must be worn on the hips and do not have rips or holes. This is a “No Sag Zone”. No sweatpants !!

Mrs. Middleton, the district bus coordinator, has begun to analyze bus routes for next year. These should be completed by the end of July. We will post the routes at the August Orientation. If it is necessary to find the times and bus routes before then, please call the bus garage at 829 - 1990.

Our Outdoor Education Experience is at FFA Camp Muskingum on Leesville Lake. Nature’s Classroom runs for two nights and three days.
The cost is about $110 (Start saving now). A student may earn $35 toward Camp in our Fall Fundraiser by selling $100 worth of items. We are scheduled for November 7, 8, 9.

*Open House is August 30 ( 6:00 - 7:30 )

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Last Updated May 3, 2007