Department Chair


Shannon Lowmiller


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Mrs. Lowmiller has been at Marlington since the 1998 school year.

Summa Cum Laude graduate of Y.S.U. with a degree in Comprehensive Communications

Mrs. Lowmiller lives on a dairy farm with her husband and two sons, Austin, and Taylor.

Leslie Haynam

Accelerated English 11
Contemporary Literature

Class Advisor class of 2008

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Mrs. Haynam has been at Marlington for three years.

Bachelor of Science in Education from Kent State University. Currently working on Masters of Library and Information Science at Kent State University

Mrs. Haynam is married to Atlee and they have a baby girl named Sydney.


Chris McLaughlin


English 9, 10 Accelerated, and 11 Accelerated

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Mrs. McLaughlin has been at Marlington

Bachelor of Science in English from Kent State University

She is married with two children

Andrea Ogline

English 9
English 10



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Mrs. Ogline has been at Marlington for 25 years.

Bachelor of Arts in English Bachelor of Science in Education from Miami University

Mrs.Ogline is married to Mike and has one son, Jonathan.

Mary Jane Sampson

Freshman English
Senior English
Creative Writing

Mrs. Sampson has been at Marlington for 15 years.

email Mrs. Sampson

Bachelor Degree from Mount Union College
Graduate work from Akron University and Ashland Univ.
Masters degree from Marygrove College

Mrs. Sampson is married to Rick and they have four children, Charlie, John, David, and Carrie.

Michael Sholtis

English 9
English 10
Scenario (Yearbook)

Yearbook Advisor
Underclass Photo Day


email Mr. Sholtis

This is Mr. Sholtis's second year at Marlington.

Mr. Sholtis has been at Marlington since

He has a Bachelor of Arts from Malone College with
additional course work at both Mount Union and Ashland University.

Mr. Sholtis is married to Melissa and has two sons, Dimitri Alan and Stefan Sholtis. (photos)


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