Library Procedures

Getting In -

Each student is given a library card or library pass. This pass allows the student to use the library instead of going to study hall. The first library pass is free. Students are charged for any replacements. The library pass is to be placed in the basket on the circulation desk as the student arrives in the library. It is the student's responsibility to see that the pass is in the basket and is scanned. Students are to sit down and be busy. When attendance has been completed the library passes are returned to the students. Unless other arrangements have been made, students may use their library passes one study hall period per day.


Passes -

No Passes are given. Use the rest room before or after class. No locker passes or passes to the office, telephone or guidance are given.

Come prepared to work and prepared to stay.


Using the facilities -

*Gum, pop and food are not permitted in the library. If you choose to ignore this rule you will be reminded to dispose of the item and you may lose libary privileges for 1 week,( 2 weeks or 3 weeks if this is the second or third infraction)

*Ask permission before rearranging furniture. Please replace furniture when you are finished.

*Reading areas are reserved just for reading. No pens, pencils or chatting are permitted.

*Computers are to be used by one person at a time. They are provided for academic, educational classwork only. Email, chatting and games are to be done from home.Sharing your password or your account may result in the loss of computer privileges. If you have a special need, ask for special permission.

*If you are not certain what is considered to be appropriate and acceptable use of the computer you are safer if you ask.

*Small tables are reserved for make-up tests, peer tutoring and studying in pairs. Peer tutoring and studyng in pairs should be done in a whisper. Students taking make-up tests may not speak to any other students while in the library.

*Be productive in the library. Reading, writing, studying, and researching are strongly encouraged. Chatting and socializing should be done some other place, some other time.

*All materials must be checked out before being taken from the library. Any items not checked out may be considered stolen and may be handled accordingly.

*Ignorance of these expectations will not be accepted as an excuse. Make yourself aware. If you don't know what is acceptable, you are safer if you ask!


Students are responsible for using library materials and equipment in a respectful and appropriate manner. All materials borrowed from the Library Media Center are to be checked out properly, cared for appropriately and returned promptly when due.

Student behavior in the Library Media Center is to be courteous and respectful at all times and to remain within the posted guidelines. Students are expected to be in the LMC before the bell rings and to promptly have their library pass in the basket for scanning. Gum chewing, pop and food are not permitted in the Library Media Center. Chatting, email and video games are not permitted as our computers are to be used for academic purposes only.

Access to the Library Media Center during study hall periods is a privilege. Students who misuse this privilege will lose access to the L.M.C. for extended periods of time.