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Associated Press Sports Writing Handbook

by Steve Wilstein

"Whether it's boxing or baseball, hockey or horseracing, a paragraph in a small local paper or a spread in a national publication, this expert book will help you meet the challenge of bringing sports to vivid life with style, confidence, wit and skill."

Who will tell my brother?

by Marlene Carvell

"During his lonely crusade to remove offensive mascots from his high school, a Native American teenager learns more about his heritage, his ancestors, and his place in the world."

Black Sunday

by Thomas Harris

"Here, the man who introduced the world to Hannibal Lecter takes you to Superbowl Sunday, when 1,200 pounds of plastic explosives will drop from the sky turning 80,000 screaming fans and one sitting US president to ashes-and turning millions of TV viewers across the country into horrified witnesses."