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SMARTBoard Lessons


9/29/08 Matter Doing matter ws Test Wed Elements
10/6 Lab    
10/7 Lab/review study for test  
10/8 Test ch.2    


Notes ch. 5 Wed.

Test Ch. 4  
1/4-8 Begin ch. 7 outline chapter / learn to name compounds quiz on Mon over polyatomic atoms
1/11-15 Finish ch. 7 review Tues study ch. 7; for final Test ch. 7 Wed
sem exams      
1/26-30 Begin ch. 8 covalent bonding models, vseper model quiz next Tues
2/2-6 finish covalent bonding   Test Thurs.  
2/9-13 naming covalent bonds ws naming covalent/ionic Test Fri. part B of covalent bonds  
2/17-20 Working on word equations types of reactions worksheet also    
2/23-27 Balancing equations Balancing and word equations Lab Fri  
3/2-6 Net ionic equations Quiz Wed word equations Lab Fri in book  
3/9-13 More word eq. /net ionic Quiz net ionic Wed. Test Fri ch. 11  
3/16-23 PPT for science field jobs Library research PPT due 3/23  
3/23-27 PPT due today, begin ch. 12 Tues. learn mole to mole stoichiometry, L to L    
4/6-9 Review ch. 12 Test ch. 12 Tues Labs Wed /Thurs  
4/20-24 Begin ch. 14 Gas Law wkst Lab Fri if supplies are here  

Finish Gas Laws

Fri. Begin pH

  Test Thurs. on Gas Laws  
5/4-5/8 Notes pH/ ws to calc. pH conjugate bases/titrations/molarity Lab Fri.  
5/11-15 Notes titrations/ half-lifes   Lab half life /Test next week  
5/18-22 Notes solutions Review pH/Molarity Test Wed. on pH  
5/26-29 Finish notes solutions Begin organic notes Lab on solubility Test next Tues  
6/1-6/5 Review organic, solubility, Lab on esters, slime Test Wed. on solubility, organic Review for final Thurs or Fri.