French at MHS




To find out what we did in class while you were not there, go to my blog by clicking on your level.

Also check out information for all French students at:
General Information


Be sure to do all the things we did in class, including the homework, and to turn it in on time by placing it in the appropriate file.

I need name, date, page and activity clearly marked.


You have one day for everyday that you are absent to make up your work.

If you are absent more than a couple of days, we will work out a plan and I will help you before or after school or during my planning time.


If you are in class when a test is announced, you are expected to take that test with the class.

If you are absent on the day of the test, be ready to make up the test when you return. If you are absent several days, you have one day for every day absent to make up the test. It is your responsibility to make up test in a timely manner.


To make up class participation points, you will need to see me during homeroom on Wednesdays.

You get 3 points per day for using the language and the related materials in class. To make up those points, we need to speak in French.


To be successful in French, do your homework well every day.



French at MHS