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Grade structure:

1/3 – Tests, Lab Practicums, and Semester Exam
2/3 – Homework, class work, labs, warm-up quizzes, and participation points

Warm-up Quizzes:

Daily warm-up quizzes will be given at the beginning of each class period. Quizzes will generally be related to the previous day’s lesson. Students who are absent are expected to take the current quiz with the rest of the class when they return. Therefore it is in the student’s best interest to talk to a classmate or lab partner and find out what material was covered in the class that was missed. Students are not expected to make up the missed warm-up quiz.

Participation Points:

Learning science requires active participation from the students. Students can earn a maximum of three participation points for each class period. Students earn points when they are present, prepared and participate constructively in the class. Students lose points when they are absent, unprepared, fail to clean up their work area, interrupt another’s work or are otherwise off task.

In the case of an excused absence students can make up their participation points by coming in before or after school for half the number of minutes missed and working on physics


Students are encouraged to work together on daily homework assignments to promote better understanding of the problems. (NOTE: This does not include copying.) Homework can be checked for completeness, accuracy or both. Students will present homework solutions to the class to stimulate discussion.

Generally a web based homework assignment will be given at the beginning of each unit. Before you can begin working on the assignment you must log into the server and download your individualized version. You can print the assignment and work on it at your leisure – collaboration is allowed. Once you finish the assignment log back into the server and input your answers for immediate feedback. You may rework and resubmit any incorrect solutions for a slight reduction in points anytime before the due date and time.

After the due date and time you can download complete solutions for the assignment. BEWARE – you cannot submit answers after the due date and time has passed.

Tests and Lab Practicums:

Generally a unit test will be given at the end of the unit. The test will be a combination of multiple choice, essay and problem-solving questions. Students will work individually on the tests but may use a calculator and a 3” x 5” equation card. Students who miss a test due to an excused absence must schedule a time for a make-up test.

Generally lab practicums will be given just before the unit test. Practicums require students to make predictions about a very specific physical scenario. Predictions that are within 5% of the actual result will receive full credit. Predictions that are within 10% of the actual result will receive half credit. Other results will receive no credit. Students will work with their lab partners and may use texts, notes, labs, equation cards and calculators. Students who miss a practicum due to an excused absence must schedule a time to make-up the practicum.


Last updated on 09/01/2006