Introductiion Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your son or daughter has enrolled in Photography this semester. It is an exciting and popular course that combines the study of the history of photography, and work with digital cameras and enhancement of images on a computer. It is, by the nature of what is taught, a fairly expensive class.

Your student must have a WORKING DIGITAL camera. It is not necessary to rush out and buy the newest thing on the market. Good results are often obtained with a relatively recent camera borrowed from a relative or friend. The important thing is that the camera is of reasonable quality and is working well. A USB cable will be needed to download the images, but these are normally sold packaged with the cameras. Some parents buy their student a camera. The cost ranges greatly depending on what features and brand is selected. We try to work with what the student has, but it is a real disadvantage and handicap if the equipment is of poor quality, since much of the grade is based on the quality of work turned in. The student will need the camera by about the end of the fourth week of class, so this gives you some time to find one. We will try to discuss and cover the types available and the costs in class. If there is no possibility at this time for your student to obtain a camera, it is in his best interest to drop the course and take it at a later time.

We have removed our film darkroom and will deal exclusively with digital imaging because this has become mainstream photography. We will cover the use of digital cameras, photo enhancement using imaging software such as Photoshop and Elements, and different types of image files.

The $20.00 fee covers a textbook that the student will keep, a 3 ring “portfolio” binder, photo sleeves, printer ink they will use, and photo paper for printing their final work. Because of the requirements of the class, we have asked each student to have his parent or guardian sign this and return the bottom part so that we are sure that everyone is aware of what the class requires. Please feel free to call us at 823-1300 if you have any questions.

Mrs. Digby and Mr. Cyders
Photography Teachers


Rules and Expectations for Digital Photography

Digital photography is an academic course that combines the study of the history of photography and digital manipulation of images. It is not an easy “A.”

It is designed for the serious and committed student who has a strong desire to learn about photography from its beginnings through the present day. There will be homework assignments and lab assignments that are the responsibility of each student to finish. We move quickly, and excessive absences will be very detrimental.