Mrs. Lowmiller's Speech Class Shares Children's Stories

Through Distance Learning

October 2005


Mrs. Lowmiller's speech students perform several types of speeches in a semester. As part of an introductory unit, they perform a readers theater for elementary age children. They combine verbal and nonverbal delivery techniques to bring a story to life. Using the distance learning lab is a wonderful opportunity for the students to have a live audience of young children for these performances.

Some techniques stressed in this project are voice intonations, eye contact, gestures, and body movement.

A speech student from last year reported in English class that this was a positive experience related to reading.

Ms Danielle Cline, Distance Learning Coordinator, and Mrs. Edith Strader, Technology Integration Specialist, arranged to use the lab at the high school and the portable polycom videoconferencing unit to connect the speech students with their live audiences.

Four elementary classes took part in this project:

  Sept. 28 - Mrs. Myers - 2nd grade
Sept. 30 - Miss Karasarides - 1st grade
Oct.  12 - Mrs. Delcalzo - Kindergarten
Oct.  13 - Mrs. McCamon - 2nd grade

According to Miss Karasarides, the following Acedemic Indicators for her students were addressed through this project:
  g.1.6 - respect for others in a group setting
a.1.5 - words rhyming with tail
a.1.10 - children listened to students read aloud with emphasis and expression.
c.1.6 - recalling important ideas in fictional text
d.1.4 - identify central ideas and supporting details with teacher assistance
e.1.1 - provide interpretation of story using info from text
e.1.4 - identify differences between stories, poems, and plays
j.1.1 - use active listening skills



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