June 2007

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Published Monthly
Issue No. 10


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Marlington Community for your support during my tenure as principal and I am looking forward to serving you as superintendent.

As you begin to enjoy your summer and anticipate your return in the fall, we have printed a copy of our dress code policy for your guidance in shopping for new fall wardrobes.  You will also see our new fall time schedule and schedule for upcoming events.  For a complete schedule check out the event calendar on our website at www.dukes.stark.k12.oh.us.   I am also pleased to announce that the new principal here at Marlington High School is Mr. Sam Pepper.  Mr. Pepper comes to us from Coventry High School and he is looking forward to meeting the Marlington Community.  Have a safe and happy summer season.  I’ll see you in the fall.


Go Dukes! 

Mr. James Nicodemo



            Warning Bell             7:35
            Period 1                     7:40-8:24
            Period 2                     8:28-9:15
            Period 3                     9:19-10:03
            Period 4                     10:07-10:51
            Period 5                     10:55–11:21
            Period 6                     11:24–11:50
            Period 7                     11:54–12:20
            Period 8                     12:23–12:49
            Period 9                     12:53–1:37
            Period 10                   1:41–2:25
Lunch Periods (5, 6, 7 & 8)

2007/2008 SCHOOL YEAR


8/29     Freshman Orientation           9-10:30 am
8/30     Open House                       6:30-8:00 pm
9/4       First Day of School
9/20     Fall Pictures
9/28     BBQ Bash and Homecoming Game
9/29     Homecoming Dance
10/8     No School – Teacher In-Service Day
11/9     End of First Nine Weeks
11/13   Parent/Teacher Conferences  3:15-7:15
11/20   Parent/Teacher Conferences  5:30-8:30      


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Please check out the website for the high school at www.dukes.stark.k12.oh.us. This is the home page for our district, and you can then choose the appropriate school. On the high school home page you will find the school calendar, library, lunch menu, teaching staff, teacher profiles, support staff, sports news and various other links, which may be helpful. This site also contains e-mail addresses for all staff for your convenience.


Dress Code for the 2007-2008 School Year
The matter of dress is an area for attention and careful consideration for several reasons.  There is a strong relationship between dress and appearance and the seriousness with which students approach learning.   This dress code is in effect at all school related activities including athletic, extra-curricular and social events.  The student’s dress and behavior should respect the civil rights of others and help maintain a safe, friendly, and productive environment.  NOTE:  Students in violation of the posted dress code are subject to disciplinary action.
1.  Footwear shall be worn.  Slippers shall not be worn.
2.  Walking shorts or jean shorts of an appropriate length are permitted throughout the year.  The length should be about 2-3 inches below mid thigh.  Spandex, boxer or flannel shorts are not permitted. Shorts/pants made of mesh material are considered too casual for the school business day and are not permitted. Flannel spirit pants may be worn if they have pockets. Nylon jogging pants may be worn.  Sweatpants are too casual and cannot be worn at any time unless they are permitted in physical education class.
3. Skirts should also be about 2-3 inches below mid thigh.  Slits in skirts should not be above 2-3 inches of the mid thigh.
4. Pants and skirts must be worn in a manner that bare skin and/or undergarments can not be seen.  Writing on the rear area is not appropriate to wear during the school day.
5. Shirts or blouses should cover from the base of the neck to the top of the shoulder.  Undergarments should not be seen. Shirts or blouses of sheer material or of low cut styles (no lower than 3 inches below the neck line for any cuts in the material), such as tank tops, bare midriff tops and mesh shirts shall not be worn. Undershirts and T-shirts that have an under-garment appearance are not to be worn as an outer garment. Appropriate undergarments are to be worn. Shirts are to be kept buttoned.
6. Jewelry and cosmetics are to be in good taste. As is true within all areas of dress and grooming, jewelry that is distracting is not appropriate. (Skull or spiked jewelry is not appropriate)
7. Clothing, patches, drawings, or sayings (stated or implied) which refer to drugs, obscenities, alcohol, tobacco, sex, bondage, evils, suicides, death, anarchy, evil skulls, crossbones guns, knives, evil reptiles,  body parts, or blood will not be permitted.  This includes pictures, logos, and names of, or reference to entertainment acts.    
8. Attire must give a neat appearance, be clean, without holes, rips or tears completely through the material and must be appropriate length for safety purposes.
9. Non-manufactured writing or patches on clothing or book bags are not permitted. Patches may be used to cover rips, tears or holes from the inside or outside of the garment. Holes, rips or tears may not expose under garments or skin. Additional clothing may not be worn under the hole or ripped garment as the hole, rip or tear is still exposed.
10.Types of clothing that are destructive to school property will be prohibited. (eg. rivets, large chains, spiked body jewelry etc.)
11.Boys hairstyles may vary in keeping with prevailing styles and within the following guidelines:
      a. Hair must be kept neat, clean, and groomed and worn in such a manner as to reach no further than          the eyebrows. Students eyes must be visible at all times for safety reasons.
       b. Facial hair is permitted but must be neatly groomed.
      c.Only natural hair colors are allowed.
      d. Mohawks or spiked hair is not permitted. Military haircuts are permitted.
12. Girls hairstyles may vary in keeping with prevailing styles and within the following guidelines:
       a.  Highlights may be permitted if they are of a natural color and not distracting. (bright red is not considered a natural hair color)
        b. Hair must be kept clean and neatly groomed.
13.Body piercing; jewelry may be worn in pierced ears. Jewelry may not be worn in any other body part that is pierced. Ear jewelry cannot be spiked and must be in good taste.
14.Gang insignia or clothing which serves as a gang identification is prohibited.
15.Heavy winter type jackets and outerwear (vests) shall not be worn in the building during the school day without permission.
16.Clothing that has undergarment appearance shall not be worn.
17.No hats or headbands of any type are permitted.
18.No facial painting permitted.
Within special programs and extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, etc., dress and grooming requirements may be established beyond those required for the ordinary school day. Such requirements are in the interest of safety, efficient performance and a uniform appearance before the public.

Students who are representing Marlington High School at an official function or public event may be required to follow specific dress requirements.  Usually, this applies to athletic teams, cheerleaders, bands, and other such groups.
NOTE:  The areas listed under Dress and Conduct are not intended to be all inclusive.  

1st offense – Warning and compliance to dress code.  If the student must send home for clothing within the dress code, he/she will remain in the office or in in-school suspension until the clothing arrives.  The time out of class for dress code violations will be unexcused.  Outright refusal to comply with dress code will be deemed insubordination; the student will be subject to discipline code..  2nd offense – As above, plus 2-hour detention   3rd offense – As above, plus 3-hour detention.  Further violations will be interpreted as insubordination and subject to suspension.


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