Senior Guidance Newsletter

May 12, 2006

Senior events

Senior Exams: May 25 & 26
Graduation Practice: at 12 noon Friday, June 2nd
Graduation: meeting at 5:15 p.m. Sunday, June 4th


Letters are being mailed to your home about graduation proceedings. Enclosed with the letter are your 4 graduation tickets. There are no more tickets given out so please don't ask. Tickets give preferential/guaranteed seating closest to the graduates.
We are doing something different with students graduating with Academic Honors and with an Honors Diploma. We hope our new procedure will give these students their due recognition but not seclude them from their classmates. Except for the 4.0 GPA seniors and choir members, graduates will be seated randomly.

All scholarships will be posted on our web site unless indicated. Please download what you want.


Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon (S) $1500 outstanding male, attending OSU June 2
Berdine A. Folk (L) Varies

A MHS graduate,
40% need,
30% effort.
30% potential commitment goal

Sept. 1

O'Jays Scholarship Fund   See guidelines letter May 26
N=National, S=State, C=County, L=Local

Best wishes and good luck in the future from everyone in the Guidance Department!