Senior Guidance Newsletter

April 20, 2006

All scholarships will be posted on our web site unless indicated. Please download what you want.


lota Lambada Sigma (S) $500 Pursuing Vocational/Tech Program, 2.6 GPA, 95% attendance rate in H.S. April 29
Alliance Music Study Club (L) $1000 Music major in college April 30
Quota International of Massillion (C) $1000 You are deaf/hearing impaired or pursuing a career in the field of speech and hearing or deaf education May 5
Rotary William S. Herchel All-Star Classic Scholarships (C) varies Senior basketball player, 3.0 GPA, service, scholarship, need May 5
Salem Italian-American Fund (C) (download from scholarship page) varies Italian descent, GPA, ACT May 8
ASM International (C) $1000 Accepted to a College of Engineering May 15
Stark County Agricultural Society (C) $500 Junior Fair Program participant

July 1

N=National, S=State, C=County, L=Local

Senior Events

Senior Exams May 25 and May 26
Graduation Practice (meet in gym at 12 noon) Friday, June 2nd
Graduation (meet in auditorium at 5:15 p.m) Sunday, June 4th