Senior Guidance Newsletter

March 16, 2006

All scholarships will be posted on our website unless indicated. Please download what you want.


OHSAA (S) $1000 3.25 GPA- 3 varsity letters in one sport or 4 varsity letters in two sports. April 3
PTO (L) up to $600 activities, scholarship April 5
LifeShare (L) $500 have taken anatomy & physiology at MHS, or volunteered at a hospital/nursing home April 15
MEA Book Grant (L) $500 3.0 GPA, activities, pursuing a career in education

April 15

Lions Club (L) up to $600 activities, leadership April 19

Sommer Long Memorial (L)
*must get application from guidance office

$500 2.5 GPA, activities, goals April 19
*must get application in guidance office
$1000 3.0 GPA, working toward an associate or bachelor degree in a food service related field April 20
Cheton Foundation (C) $2500 GPA must be in the range of 2.8 to 3.5, need, activities, goals April 30
Christopher Columbus Italian Society (C) varies Italian-American descent, 3.0 GPA May 7
Thurman Munson Memorial Scholarship (C) $1000 letterman in baseball, softball, leader, activities May 26
Apple Scholars (N)
$2000 student achievement and innovative use of technology in their schoolwork May 30
There is a free scholarship search at:
N=National, S=State, C=County, L=Local