Senior Guidance Newsletter
January 2006

CAPS AND GOWNS- Jostens will be here on Wednesday, January 25, 2006, and Wednesday, February 1, 2006, for students to order their caps and gowns. Information packets are available in the Main office. Everyone expecting to participate in our graduation ceremonies needs to place an order.

GRADUATION- less than 5 months away!

  • If any senior doubts whether she/he meets graduation requirments, she/he should see their counselor immediately.
  • If any senior received an "F" or a "NM" (no mark) for the first semester this year, make contact with your counselor.
  • Any senior planning on furthering their education next year should have already applied. If you have these goals and have NOT applied, see your counselor ASAP.


to download scholarship applications go to:

Name Amount Criteria Deadline
Download: www.
$500 2.75 GPA, Leadership and Service activities, going to an Ohio college Feb. 21
Danner Dental (C) $500 3.0 GPA, entering dental field, medical field, or any science-related field March 1
Quinn Scholarship (S) $1500 child of an ECOEA member pursuing a degree in Education March 1
College Club of Canton (C) $1000 INTEREST FREE LOAN, FEMALES only, 4 year program March 3
YWCA Memorial (L) $500 need, female, 3.0 GPA March 6
Columbiana County Farm (C) $500 dependent of a member of Columbiana County Farm Bureau, pursuing agriculture March 15
County Farm Bureau (C) $1000 Majoring in the field of agriculture or related field-farm bureau member's dependent March 15
NATAS (S) $2000 pursuing a career in television or areas related to television broadcasting March 31
Women's Network (S) $1000 female who plans to become a scientist or engineer (medical fields are excluded)

March 31

Naples Foundation (C) $500 need, activites, test scores, GPA March 31
Drs.Osborne, Bernard and Eimer (C) $1000 has been their patient, essay March 31

Jeffries Memoiral (C)

$500 Academic achievement, character, leadership service March 31
MHS Athletic Booster Club (L) $1000 3.0 GPA, earned at least 4 varsity letters - atleast one during their senior year April 1
William D. Squires (S)
$3000 need, motivated, specific career goal, 3.2 GPA April 5
Italian American Foun. (C) varies Of Italian decent, need, scholastic ability, activites April 15
AART (L) $250 going into education April 24
MacDowell Music Club of Canton (C) varies majoring in Music end of April
Italian American Foundation
Canton Student Loan (C)
$3000 Low interest LOAN June 1

*Ohio War Orphans (S)

*must get application from Mrs. Graham

tuition children or disabled or deceased war veterans and children of persons declared prisoners of war or missing in action in Southeast Asia. July 1
Keppra Epilepsy Scholarship
Scholarship Prog. (N)
$5000 epilepsy patient or a family member/caregiver of an epilepsy patient, academic achievement August 15
N= National, S= State, C= County, L= Local
student created January 26, 2006