Top of the Hill
In the Top of the Hill contest, the participants shall build a remote controlled device able to operate within a 24-foot long and 4-foot wide footprint interspersed with obstacles. The device is to travel the footprint and pick up four ping-pong balls from four holding device locations and place them into a receiving jig.
Heavy Weight Sumo Wrestling (remote controlled)
Build an electric powered vehicle weighing up to 150 lbs that will keep its position inside a 13 ft diameter ring, and push an opponent out of that ring. The contest is double elimination, so every entry is guaranteed at least two heats. The robot is remote controlled and the outer edge of the ring is made of white reflective tape, so the robot’s automatic sensors can read the boundaries.
Journey Bot (Remote Controlled)
Build an electric vehicle, or change an existing one, that can be piloted through a 2D obstacle course, with a “mountain” to climb. The car must get through the journey in the shortest possible time, with the fewest penalties from going out of bounds, having to placed back on the track, or other problems.

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May 18, 2006