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National Honor Society
Marlington High School

Membership in the National Society demands a scholastic average grad of 3.200. The students below have such an average or above. Election to membership, however, requires more than merely being a top student scholastically. Therefore, we are asking all faculty members to rate the following candidates in the qualities of Service, Leadership, and Character with the following scale:
Superior = 40
Good = 30
Average = 20
Poor = 10
Please rate only those students with whom you are acquainted. Most of you have had some contact with each of these students, but there may be exceptions to this and if you feel that you cannot justifiably rate any one of them, do not do so.

Please mark your ballot with the utmost secrecy and under no condition should we discuss the election with any students. Return these sheets to Mrs. Turner before 4/24/06 at 3:05 p.m. Any rating of 10 or below should be accompanied by a brief comment.

In ranking students as to service, the following points should be considered:

1. Does the student render cheerfully and enthusiastically any service to the school when called upon?

2. Does this student do thoroughly and willingly any assigned service?

3. Is this student willing to assist other students who are behind in their work; to show courtesy to visitors; to sell tickets and other duties?

4. Is this student ready and willing to offer his services inter-scholastic competition?

5. Does this student always uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude?

6. Does this student obey willingly and pleasantly the rules of the school?


In order to rank high in leadership the student must:

1. Be active in classroom work, and make his influence felt, such as to raise the scholarship of the class, as well as the spirit of the class.

2. Show initiative in promotion of high school activities.

3. Show ability in holding school office, committee chairmanship, and other positions of responsibility.

4. Contributing ideas which may be incorporated in the civic life of the school.

5. Exert a type of leadership which actively and wholesomely influence toward a higher standard of school citizenship.

6. Not be a "knocker" but a "booster."


In judging character these points will be emphasized:

1. Does this student meet his individual obligations to the school promptly and completely? Is his/her class work prepared thoroughly before the class meets each day? Is his/her written work handed in on time? Does he/she keep his/her appointments?

2. Is this student strictly honest in his/her class work, and sincere in his/her interactions with other students and teachers? Will he/she practice deception even in little things?

3. Does this student actively help rid the school of bad influences, and to replace them with good influences?

4. Does this student uphold the highest moral ideas?

5. Is he/she wholly reliable? Does his/her promise "I will" convince you that the things promised will be done, and on time?

6. Does this student constantly demonstrate these qualities of personality, honesty, promptness, reliability, achievement, and morality which are indispensable to the finest young manhood and womanhood?

Selection Procedure

1. Eligibility

- The candidates must have a 3.200 average at the end of the first semester of his junior or senior year.
- The candidate shall have spent at least one semester in Marlington High School and be a member of the junior or senior class.

2. Rating Procedure

-A point system is used with maximums as follows:

Scholarship--40 points maximum
The 3.2 student receives 32 points. (GPA multiplied by 10)
The 3.3 student receives 33 points, etc.
Service 40 points maximum
Leadership 40 points maximum
Character 40 points maximum

Faculty rates the students in service, leadership and character on the following basis:

Poor = 10 points
Average = 20 points
Good = 30 points
Superior = 40 points

A perfect rating equals 160 points.

Following the rating procedure by the faculty, the National Honor Advisory Council will tabulate the cumulative ratings of each candidate and then divide the total score by the number of teachers who rated him/her.

Example: Candidate earns 1820 points. 14 teachers rated this student 1820/14 = 130, candidate's rating.

1. Ratings will be listed separately for juniors and seniors from high to low.

2. Acceptable average rating (from all voting)
(160-136) inclusive juniors
(160-128) inclusive seniors

3. Thank you for your cooperation

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