E-mail Received from Ryan Severns August 2, 2003

This is Ryan Severns, and you may remember me from back in the day at good ol' Marlington Schools! I am writing to let you know that I am currently in an Online Idol competition, which is similar to American Idol, but it is International and done online by sending recorded music files as mp3s each week for a song that is based on each week's specific theme. I am currently one of the remaining Top 8 contestants. I am asking for your support in any way you can! You can vote online at the site as many times as you want from Saturday late afternoon, early evening, when the songs are displayed in the media section until Tuesday around 6PM when they announce who is eliminated each week. The judges votes count also, but every public vote counts for a lot as well! Here is the competition address: http://www.idolonline.org/special.htm

I figured that Marlington would be proud of the accomplishments that I have made in the competition so far, and I truly want to win it for all of the people who have made my music education possible, such as the Marlington School District! Also, maybe this could serve as another good reason why the music education budgets and curriculums should not be cut down more at Marlington, since the education I have received is witnessing very positive results. In addition to the competition, I have a GPA at Ohio University of 3.759, enrolled in the major field of Choral Music Education, and am on the Dean's List as well the National Dean's List, so Marlington can proud of my accomplishments and growth which resulted from the seeds that were planted at Marlington. Let me know who I could send this email to if you would like me to send an email myself to someone else at Marlington if you think it will have better results than if you forwarded the message. Thank you for the support. Tell anyone you know to come check out the site. I have a personal contestant page with my bio and some pictures, etc. God bless!

Ryan Severns