Mrs. Allen's Reading / Language Arts Class Presents

Autobiographical iMovies

October 2005


What we did: Students in Reading / Language Arts class began the school year immersed in technology as a method of expressing themselves. Students used digital cameras, iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie to produce an autobiographical digital story.

Why we did it:
The student's iMovie was then used as a springboard to writing an autobiographical essay. It served as a visual model for planning and prewriting. From this, students prepared a graphic organizer to guide them in writing their final product.

Click on the movie name below to view a QuickTime version of a digital story.

My Great Movie by Des My Movie by Ashley
Stuff You Don't Know About Me by Kaylee All About My Family and I by Heidi
My Great Movie by Phillip My Great Movie by Sherry
My Creation by Tara The Great Movie by Victor
My Crazy Friends and Family by Shy  


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