Second Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Semester

Earth and Space Science
     I can recognize there are more stars than anyone can count.
     I can observe and describe that the Sun, Moon, and stars all appear to move across         the sky.
     I can observe and describe how the shape of the Moon appears to change a little         every day for about four weeks and than the pattern starts over.
     I can observe and describe that weather can change throughout the day and some         changes occur in a repeating seasonal pattern.
     I can describe weather in terms of temperature and precipitation.
Life Sciences
     I can explain that people and animals need air, water, nutrients, food, living space         and light to survive.
     I can identify that there are many different environments such as oceans, deserts,         mountains on earth and living things occupy them based upon their needs.
     I can explain why organisms can survive only in environments that meet their needs.
     I can compare similarities and differences of the same kind of plants and animals.
     I can explain that food is a basic need of plants and animals because food is         important because it is a source of energy.
     I can investigate the different structures of plants and animals that help them live in         different environments. (lung, gills, leaves, roots)
     I can compare the different habitats of Ohio plants and animals and ways animals         survive by eating plants or other animals that eat plants.
     I can compare the activities of Ohio’s common animals (squirrels, chipmunk, deer,         butterflies, bees, ants, bats and frogs) during the different seasons by describing         changes in their behaviors and body covering.(fur, color...)
     I can compare Ohio plants during the different seasons by describing changes in their         appearance.
Physical Sciences
     I can explore with a flashlight and shadows that light travels in a straight line until it         strikes an object.
Science and Technology
     I can explain that developing and using technology involves benefits and risks.
     I can investigate why people make new products or invent new ways to meet their         individual wants and needs.
     I can predict how building or trying something new might affect other people and the         environment.
     I can communicate orally, pictorially, or in written form the design process.
Scientific Ways of Knowing
     I can describe that scientific investigations (experiments) generally work the same         way under the same conditions.
     I can explain why scientists review and ask questions about the results of other         scientists’ work.

     I can describe ways in which using the solution to a problem might affect other         people and the environment.

     I can demonstrate that in science it is helpful to work with a team and share findings        with others.

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