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Language Arts Links
I can....

a.3.1 identify rhyming words: Select different locations (house, street, etc.) and click on the rhyming word.

a.3.5 read text fluently and a.3.6 read passages with tone and expression: Select a book to read from the bookshelf. Read online or with a partner.

b.3.1 use context clues to figure out words: Multiple choice questions that test your knowledge of different word meanings within a sentence. Harder than it looks!! Submit your answers and get a grade online.

Finding the meanings of words within short passages. A little more difficult and with more reading. Can be graded online.

b.3.3 find synonyms and antonyms: Below you will find a variety of matching games to practice with antonyms (opposites) and synomyms (similar to). Enjoy!!

c.3.1 give reasons for reading:

c.3.9 use reasons for choosing reading materials

c.3.10 read independently for various purposes

d.3.1 use a table of contents, glossary, and index:

d.3.2 answer who, what, where, when, why and how questions

d.3.3 identify and list central ideas and supporting details of informational text:

d.3.5 follow a set of directions

f.3.1 generate writing ideas by discussion of materials:

f.3.4 use graphic organizers (venn diagrams and webs):

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