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SCHEDULE: We will have physical education classes on Wednesdays and Friday. Music is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Library will be on Mondays.

CLOTHING: Comfortable clothes are best for school. Please label all loose clothing such as jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, mittens, and boots. Dress your child for the weather as we do go out everyday that it doesn't rain at noon or if the temperature isn't below 20 degrees. Our room does tend to be very warm most days--sometimes too warm in the winter and I will open some windows which will cool the room quickly.

MONEY: When sending money to school, please put it in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it. Lunch money may be sent on Monday for the entire week. This is a great help to the cafeteria. Any money for book orders, pictures, field trips, etc. needs to be in the form of a check. I cannot accept cash. Thank you for understanding.

BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are special in our class. Many children enjoy sharing a treat with classmates on their birthday. We have 21 children currently. If your child has a summer birthday, he/she may celebrate a half birthday or a pretend date of your choice anytime during the year.

ABSENCE: Your child MUST have a written excuse whenever there is an absence or tardy. This is required by the office and all unexcused absences are recorded.

HOMEWORK: The students will have an assignment sheet to take home and bring back each day. If your child forgets their sheet try to have them do reading or sentence writing and just jot me a note. OR, check out this website!! You'll find the assignments here also.

*****DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MISSED ASSIGNMENTS IF YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT FOR ONE DAY. I will have them make up their work or have their papers in their mailbox when they come back. If your child will be absent for three or more days, I will gladly prepare makeup work if it is requested by 11:00 A.M. Many partner, group or cooperative activities cannot be duplicated at home. I hope everyone has great attendance this year!*****

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