The Groundhog Project

We recently joined another second grade classroom in Watauga, Texas. The reason? We wanted to explore the the myth or fact about Groundhog's Day. Is it a myth? Is it a fact? Supposedly if the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, we will have early spring weather. If he does see his shadow, we will continue to have winter weather. On February 2, 2007 Punxsutawney Phil and Buckeye Chuck did not see their shadows. Is spring weather right around the corner? Another exciting part of our project with our second grade pals in Texas was the exchange of mascots. Watauga Elementary sent their mascot Rex the Wildcat. We, in turn, sent our class mascot Lexie, the German Shepherd dog. On this page, and ensuing pages, you will find pictures about Rex's "vacation" here in Ohio and at Lexington Elementary. Enjoy!!

Rex arrived at our school from Watauga Elementary, Watauga, Texas on Jan. 30, 2007. Daniel and the students were excited to finally meet him.

Daniel holds Rex while Maria reads a short book about Rex. The book told all about Rex and how he is well-loved by all of the students at Watauga Elementary school.

On February 2, 2007, Groundhog Day, we took Rex outside at 10:00 to see if he saw his shadow. There was not shadow to be found.

Here is Rex with Mrs. Myers' class after he didn't see his shadow. Maybe some of us will look happier when that spring weather finally shows up!

Rex had the opportunity to go to a local restaurant called Heggy's. Melanie was my A/R reader for January and took Rex along with her to celebrate. Rex thought her ice cream treat was very good.

Rex is being held by Melanie and is standing with two other second graders from the other two classrooms. The street beyond them is one of the main streets through Alliance--State St.

Rex loves to read and has many opportunities to improve his reading skills.

More reading with Daniel and Traveon. This one is a non-fiction story.


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June 24, 2007

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