A WebQuest for 2nd Grade

Designed by:
Rebecca Myers and Barb Reay

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Have you ever wanted to know more about how special penguins are? Your quest is to learn some amazing facts about penguins. On this fascinating adventure, you will gather information about different kinds of penguins and their habitat, diet, and special features. Your job is to complete each task below.

The Task

Using the Internet, you will work with a partner to learn about the life of a penguin.

  1. Read and collect facts about your species of penguin using our Internet links.
  2. Print and fill-in the factsheet telling about your penguin's height, weight, food, location, and enemies. Turn in your sheet to your teacher.
  3. Identify the parts of your penguin on an activity sheet you will print out.
  4. Create a penguin to actual size based on the measurements you have found.
  5. Write a six to eight sentence report and include two "Wow" facts about your penguin. Be ready to teach the class all that you have learned.
  6. Complete a self-evaluation to see how well you did.
  7. Locate on a globe where your penguin lives. Be able to show the class.

Just for Fun:

  • Listen to the 5 different penguin calls.
  • Take an online quiz.
  • View a penguin slideshow.

The Process
  1. You will be assigned a penguin to research. Print out and complete the penguin info factsheet. (Click here)
  2. Use the Internet links listed here to find information about your penguin to complete the worksheet.
  3. Identify the parts of your penguin. Click here to print the activity sheet you will need.
  4. Create a penguin:
      • Draw your penguin making sure that you use the measurements that you recorded on your info sheet.
      • Cut out your penguin to display in the hall.
  5. Write a report on the penguin shaped paper which your teacher will give you. Includes two "WOW" facts. A "WOW" fact is a bit of information that will make the class say, "WOW!" Be sure to attach the penguin cover sheet which your teacher will also give you.
  6. Practice telling your family what you learned and be ready to teach the class all about your penguin.
  7. Complete the self-evaluation to see how well you think you have done on this webquest. To print the form click here.
  8. Locate on a globe where your penguin lives. Be able to show the class.

Just for Fun:


Great Job! You are done!!!!



Penguin Planet - http://kevinschafer.com/penguinplanet/aboutp.html

Index of Penguin Pages - http://www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/proj/penguins/index.html

Penquin sounds - http://coe.west.asu.edu/students/phanover/penguin_student_page.htm

The grade for this webquest will be based on completion of the penguin factsheet, the life size drawing, the labeling activity sheet, the report, and the student's self-evaluation.

The rubric used to evaulate the report is:






Sentence length


Wrote 7-9,10-12 word sentences using complete thoughts.

Wrote 5 or 6, 6-9 word sentences.


Wrote 3 or 4, 4-5 word sentences using complete thoughts.





Uses interesting or complex vocabulary.
Uses typical second grade vocabulary.

Simplistic vocabulary i.e. big, slow


Complexity of thought



Presented facts accurately from resources and includes "wow" facts.
Information copied with 85% accuracy.

Inaccurate or incomplete information


You are now an expert on penguins! You have learned lots of facts about one penguin. Find 3 people, besides classmates, and tell them about what you know. Use the links to learn about the other 16 species of penguins. Look for our next webquest ....... coming soon!

Credits & References

Many of our ideas and links came from the following sites:
Index of Penguin Pages

Self-Evaluation page idea

Penguin shaped paper from A to Z Teacher Stuff - http://www.atozteacherstuff.com/printables/cat_penguins.shtml

Penguins - http://coe.west.asu.edu/students/phanover/penguin_student_page.htm

Zooish Penguins - (ice letters)

Thank you!