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A WebQuest for 2nd Grade

Designed by: Mrs. Myers

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You have been hired by Lexington Elementary to be an "Ohio Animal Guide" for the rest of the school. Your job is to learn some amazing facts about Ohio animals and then be able to teach them to others. On this fascinating adventure, you will gather information about different animals that live in Ohio, their habitat, diet, and special features. Your job is to complete each task below.

The Task

Using the Internet, you will work with a partner to learn about the life and habitat of an Ohio animal.

1. Read and collect facts about your animal using the Internet links.

2. Print and fill-in the factsheet telling about your animal's size (height and weight), food, habitat, enemies and two (2) WOW facts. WOW facts are information that makes you say "WOW" when you read them.

3. Write a six to eight sentence report that includes your WOW facts. Be ready to teach the class all that you have learned.

4. Use real photos, pictures from internet or pictures you draw to illustrate your animal in their habitat. This will be the cover sheet for your report.

5. Create a diorama that showcases your animal and habitat that you would see in Ohio. Could even be your backyard!

5. Record on the Questions worksheet any questions you may still have or any new questions you discovered in your research.

6. Complete a self-evaluation to see how well you did.


Just for Fun:

When you are finished with your research, you may use the websites listed below under "Just for Fun" to use your expertise in Ohio animals.

The Process

1. You will be assigned an Ohio animal to research.

2. You will use classroom books, animal fact cards these websites to find information about your animal to complete the web.

Animals At the Center

Division of Wildlife-Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Wild Kids-Ohio DNR

A-Z Species Guide-Ohio DNR

Ohio History Central

Enchanted Learning You will have to scroll down to find the search window. Type your animal into the search window.

3. As you do your reading and research, please create a web graphic organizer about your animal. Be sure to include this information on your web:

  • food
  • habitat
  • enemies
  • size
  • body characteristics
4. Write a six to eight sentence report on the animal shaped paper. This should include ALL the information from your web plus two (2) "WOW" facts.

5. Decide how you will illustrate your animal in their habitat. Will you be able to take a photo? Find a picture in a magazine or on the internet? Or will you draw your own picture? This picture will need to be included on the front of your report as the cover.

6. Get a shoebox and using paints, markers, crayons, construction paper, glue and/or scissors, create a diorama of your animal's habitat. Get some clay and form the clay into your animal and put it in your diorama.

7. Practice telling your family about what you learned and be ready to teach the class all about your animal.

8. Complete the self-evaluation to see how well you think you've done.

Just for fun:

PBS Kids-Kratts Creatures

Planet Animals Click on "Create your own adventure" and follow the directions to write your own story.


Great Job! You are done!!!!



1. You will use fact cards, classroom, and library books to research your Ohio animal. You will also use the following internet sites:







2. These sites are for fun when you are finished with your research:



3. You will also need a sheet of blank white paper to draw your graphic organizer web, animal shaped paper to write your report, a shoebox to complete your diorama, and clay to make your animal.

4. You might not need to visit each of the websites listed above. Read through the information and only use what you need!


You have drawn or taken pictures of Ohio animals, researched your animal, created a web and a diorama about your animal and it's habitat.
Now that you are an expert about your Ohio animal, you will teach the rest of the class about your animal and it's habitat.
Are there more Ohio animals you are curious to learn about? Now you know where to look for cool facts and fun games! Check out more North American animals, too.
What were the most interesting facts you learned about your animal and the animals the other groups researched?

What webquest should we do next?


You will be evaluated on:

1. How neatly you completed your graphic organizer web.

2. How well you included all of the important information asked for, as well as, at least 2 "WOW" facts.

3. Your picture (either a photo, magazine picture or a drawing) in included on your cover sheet of the report.

4. A complete and interesting diorama of the animal in it's habitat.

5. The self-evaluation you used to grade yourself on. Found below:

The rubric used to evaulate the report is:






Sentence length


Wrote 7-9,10-12 word sentences using complete thoughts.

Wrote 5 or 6, 6-9 word sentences.


Wrote 3 or 4, 4-5 word sentences using complete thoughts.





Uses interesting or complex vocabulary.
Uses typical second grade vocabulary.

Simplistic vocabulary i.e. big, slow


Complexity of thought



Presented facts accurately from resources and includes "wow" facts.
Information copied with 85% accuracy.

Inaccurate or incomplete information