Famous African Americans
Who are these people? Why are they important to the United States? How have their challenges and triumphs made a contribution to our world today?

Second Grade History Standard: Students use materials drawn from the diversity of human experience to analyze and interpret significant events, patterns, and themes in the history of Ohio, the United States and the world.

Benchmark: D. Recognize that the actions of individuals make a difference, and relate the stories of people from diverse backgrounds who have contributed to the heritage of the United States.

Lexington Elementary Second Grade I Can Statements: 1.7a. I can identify and explain why the following social leaders were important to the United States: Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

1.7b.1 I can identify and explain why the following scientists and inventors were important to the united States: George Washington Carver and Charles Drew.

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