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various community information

1. Lamborn Floral

2. Graphing questions

3. Pictogragh practice

4. Math practice

5. More math practice

6. Tons of math practice!7. Tons of reading practice

8. Words with multiple meanings practice

9. Ohio fun!

10. Learn about all the states!

11. Read all kinds of cool biographies about famous people

12. Children's Authors , More children's authors , read more

13. Learn about authors14. Explore the world with Matt Lauer

15. Learn about Ohio

16. Math games

17. Parts of Speech

18. Adjectives on Fact Monster

19. Adjectives show

20. Interesting facts about our Presidents' children

21. President information

22. President info

23. More Presidential facts

24. Multiplication games can be challenging. Be ready to act quickly!

25. Multiplication fun games!

26. Plane figures and creating patterns

27. Symmetry introduction

28. What are ordered pairs? Still unsure? Take a look at this one. Or this one!

29. Ordered Pairs activity

30. I Know That!

31. Time

32. Sammy the Turkey Snake

33. The Democracy Project

34. Alliance/city council

35. Learn about BATS

36. Fractions - learn about them here!

37. Practice them here! Fractions

38. Graph It!

39. World Map here

40. Practice multiplication facts here or here.

41. Multiplication table practice

42. Fast X practice

43. Build a bug and practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Fast!

44. Author study: Click or Click or Click

45. Capacity: Click

46. Centimeter practice: Click , Click

47. Practice measuring in metric and customary units: Click

48. Need help understanding measurement? Click here.

49. Finding the perimeter of an object can be fun. Click or Click here.

50. Learn about Alliance & view historical places:

51. Click, Click , Click, Click, Click, Click,

52. Homophones, homonyms, homographs? Which is which? Play here.Elapsed time activity using worksheet. Click!

53. Need a noun review? Visit this site! Sentence sort: Identify simple, compound, comples sentences

54. Time to work on plural nouns! Yeah! Click here!

55. Christmas Around the World: Click here!

56. Learn about Arctic animals here.

57. Need help telling time? Click here or here.

58. Want to rhyme, catch synonyms, and play some FUN games? Click here!

59. Learn about pilgrim children! Compare your life with theirs. Click here

60, Economics: Play the "Lemonade Stand" game.

61. Learn about Lexington township here.

Yahooligans - This is a good search engine to find educational based, child appropriate sites.
62. Check out this site for information about presidents and their pets:


These are great sites for practicing math concepts:

64. Fractions

65. Social Studies activities

66. Play a fun game and practice your parts of speech at the same time! Play Madlibs! Click on Silly Stories once you're on the site.

67. Hello Kids fun site.

68. Proofreading Fun!

69. Challenging math fun!

70. Sitton spelling activities

71. Local government site

72. Mr. Nussbaum's cashier game

73. Count back change

74. Christmas Cultures

75. How to read a ruler

76. Track Santa

77. Santa fun and games

78. Really fun Santa site

79. Perimeter and Area

80. Wacky Web Tales (like MadLibs)

81. Solid shapes- find the matching pair

82. Shape games for geometry

83. Make a Book Square to help with sequencing

84. Build vocabulary

85. Fraction practice (little challenging!)

86. Making change practice

87. Time practice to the minute. Race Car Fun!

88. Add and Subtract Fun!

89. Adjective practice

90. Sequencing Fun!

91. Olympic Facts Olympics Info!

92. Make flashcards

93. Inferencing

94. Inferencing

95. Comic Creator

96. Grow a Story

97. Biographies

98. Sentence Sort (simple, compound, complex sentences)

99. Multiple meanings

100. Various language arts sites. Excellent!

101. Identifying different genres

102. Poetry

103. (Poetry) words to rhyme

104. Division practice

105. Learn about FRACTIONS

106. Fun math games

107. Fractions

108. Fractions on a number line