Science Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Earth and Space
         I can see and tell about changes in the weather during each season.
Life Sciences
Physical Science
         I can show that objects are made of parts.(e.g. toys, chairs)
         I can look at and describe what materials make up an object.(e.g. wood, metal,                  plastic, cloth)
         I can explore that things can be made to move in different ways such as straight,                  zigzag, up and down, round and round, back and forth, fast and slow, in                  and out.
         I can find ways to change how something is moving. (e.g. pushing, pulling)
Science and Technology
         I can understand how tools are to be used and how they can help me or hurt me.                  (e.g. Scissors can be used to cut paper, but they can also hurt me.)
Scientific Inquiry
         I can safely use the right equipment/tools to gather science information.(e.g.                   magnifiers)
Scientific Ways of Knowing

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