Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart 2nd Nine Weeks

         I can share my personal life history. (e.g. birth, toddler, and preschool)
People in Societies
         I can tell how people are the same and different in the family, school, and                  community.
         I can point to land and water on maps and globes.
         I can tell that people have many wants.
         I can tell that people make decisions to get what they want.
         I can name some goods and services:
                 goods (food, school supplies, toys, sports equipment)
                 services (teaching, doctoring, fire fighting, policing, military, waitressing,                                being an electrician or plumber)
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
         I can participate and cooperate in classroom activities.
         I can be responsible to follow directions and rules.
         I can make choices and take responsibility for my actions.
         I can discuss the qualities and actions of a good citizen:
  • trust
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • fairness
  • compassion
  • self-control
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can work with others by sharing, taking turns, and raising my hand to speak.

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