Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart 1st Nine Weeks

         I can recite the days of the week.
         I can name and use these words correctly:
  • up/down
  • over/under
  • here/there
  • front/back
  • behind/in front of
         I can say my home address.
         I can find my way around the school.
         I can describe what is around my home. (e.g. streets, buildings, fields, wood, or                   lakes)
         I can identify authority figures in home, school, and community.
         I can recognize symbols of the United States that represent its democracy.
         I can recognize the flag and tell what the Pledge of Allegiance is about.
         I can tell reasons we have rules and the ways they keep me safe in my                  home,school, and community.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
         I can participate and cooperate in classroom activities.
         I can be responsible to follow directions and rules.
         I can make choices and take responsibility for my actions.
         I can discuss the qualities and actions of a good citizen:
  • trust
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • fairness
  • compassion
  • self-control
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can listen for information.
          I can sort objects or pictures using given directions.
          I can tell how objects or pictures are the same and different.
          I can communicate information.

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