Reading/Writing Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Nine Weeks

Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition, Fluency
      I can read my own first and last name.
      I can identify and complete rhyming words and patterns.
      I can name the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
      I can re-read a story independently or as a group modeling expression.
Acquisition of Vocabulary
      I can understand new words from conversation, or from pictures within a text.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies, and Self Motivation Strategies
      I can explain that text tells a story or provides information.
      I can ask and answer questions about a story.
Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
      I can use pictures and illustrations to aid comprehension.
      I can tell the main idea of a story I heard.
Literary Text
      I can recognize the predictable pattern of a story.
Writing Applications
      I can write the letters correctly.
Writing Conventions
      I can ask questions about a topic or something I am interested in.
      I can use books to find information with the teacher’s help.
      I can remember information about a topic with the teacher’s help.
      I can share what I discovered by drawing a picture or telling.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can show that I understand orally read materials by asking and answering               questions.

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