Reading/Writing Standards Pacing Chart
1st Nine Weeks

Acquisition of Vocabulary
      I can recognize and understand everyday signs and symbols.
Concepts of Print, comprehension Strategies, and Self Monitoring Strategies
      I can hold my book correctly and read from front to back and left to right.
      I can tell the difference between print and illustrations.
      I can predict what will happen next using pictures and content.
      I can compare information in text using prior knowledge and experience.
      I can answer questions about a story read to me.
      I can tell you the name of a favorite story and read in shared reading.
Literary Text
      I can tell what is real and make-believe.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can listen attentively to speakers, stories, poems and songs.
      I can connect what I heard with prior knowledge and experience.
      I can follow simple oral directions.
      I can speak clearly and understandably.
      I can recite short poems, songs, and nursery rhymes.

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