Math Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Standard 2: Measurement
                  I can use terms such as longer, shorter, bigger, smaller, heavier,                            lighter, more and less when ordering objects of different lengths,                            areas, weights and capacities.
                  I can measure length and volume using uniform objects in the                            environment.
Standard 3: Geometry and Spatial Sense
                  I can sort shapes and objects into groups and explain my categories.
Standard 4: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
                  I can order three objects or events according to a given attribute,                            such as time or size.
a. How many paper clips long is a pencil?
b. How many small containers does it take to fill one big container using sand, rice, beans?
Standard 5: Data Analysis and Probability
                  I can gather and sort data in response to questions posed by teachers and                           students.
                  I can arrange objects in a floor or table graph according to attributes, such                           as use, size, color or shape.
                  I can find the group or groups that have the most or fewest objects in                           a floor or table graph.

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