Math Standards Pacing Chart 2nd Nine Weeks

Standard 1: Number, Number Sense and Operations
                  I can compare numbers up to 10.
                  I can explain the rules of counting (each object counted once, order does
                           not change).
                  I can count to twenty.
                  I can determine "how many" in sets (groups) of 10 or fewer objects.
                  I can explain, read and write numerals 0-9.
                  I can make sets with the same number of objects in each set.
Standard 3: Geometry and Spatial Sense
                  I can identify and sort two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional                            objects.
  • identify and describe two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional objects from the environment using my own words
  • sort shapes and objects into groups and explain my categories
  • select all shapes or objects of one type from a group
  • build two-dimensional figures using paper shapes or tangrams and build simple three-dimensional objects using blocks
                  I can name and show the relative position of objects using the terms                           under, over, inside, etc.
Standard 4: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
                  I can sort, classify, and put objects in order by size, number and other                            properties.
  • recognize and explain how objects can be classified in more than one way
  • identify what attribute was used to sort groups of objects that have already been sorted

Page updated April 12, 2006