5th Grade
Writing Standards Pacing Chart 4th Nine Weeks

Writing Process
      I can determine a purpose and audience.
      I can use proofreading and editing skills that improve my writing.
      I can prepare for publication (e.g., for display or for sharing with others) writing that               follows a format appropriate to the purpose, using techniques such as               electronic resources and graphics to enhance the final product.
Writing Conventions
      I can use prepositions and prepositional phrases.
      I can use adverbs.
      I can use conjunctions and interjections.
      I can define plagiarism and acknowledge sources of information.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can identify the speaker's purpose in presentations and visual media (e.g., to               inform, to entertain, to persuade).
      I can deliver informational presentations (e.g., expository, research) that:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the topic and present events or ideas in a logical sequence
  • support the main idea with relevant facts, details, examples, quotations, statistics, stories, and anecdotes.
  • organize information, including a clear introduction, body and conclusion, and follow common organizational structures when appropriate (e.g., cause-effect, compare-contrast)
  • use appropriate visual materials (e.g., diagrams, charts, illustrations) and available technology; and be able to use graphic organizers
  • draw from several sources and identify sources used
      I can use clear diction, pitch, tempo, and tone, and adjust volume and tempo to               stress important ideas.
      I can adjust speaking content according to the needs of the situation, setting, and               audience.

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