5th Grade
Writing Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Writing Process
      I can use resources and reference materials (e.g., dictionaries and thesauruses) to                select more effective vocabulary.
      I can apply tools(e.g., rubric, checklist and feedback) to judge the quality of                writing.
Writing Applications
      I can write responses to novels, stories and poems that organize an                interpretation around several clear ideas, and justify the interpretation                through the use of examples and to specific textual evidence.
      I can write letters that state the purpose, make requests or give compliments                and use business letter format.
      I can generate a topic, assigned or personal interest, and open-ended questions for               research, and develop a plan for gathering information.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can demonstrate active listening strategies (e.g., asking focused questions,                responding to cues, making visual contact).
      I can interpret the main idea and draw conclusions from oral presentations and visual               media.
      I can deliver formal and informal descriptive presentations recalling an event                or personal experience that convey relevant information and descriptive                details.
      I can deliver persuasive presentations that:
  • establish a clear position
  • include relevant evidence to support a position and to address potential concerns of listeners
  • follow common organizational structures when appropriate (e.g., cause-effect, compare-contrast, problem-solution).

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