5th Grade
Writing Standards Pacing Chart 2nd Nine Weeks

Writing Process
      I can organize writing beginning with an introduction, body, and a resolution of plot,               followed by a closing statement or a summary of important ideas and details.
      I can use a variety of sentence structures.
      I can group related ideas into paragraphs, including topic sentences.
      I can vary language and style as appropriate to audience and purpose.
      I can use available technology to compose text.
      I can reread and assess writing for clarity, using a variety of methods (e.g., writer’s               circle or author’s chair).
      I can add and delete information and details on a stated central idea to effectively               accomplish the purpose.
      I can rearrange words, sentences and paragraphs, and add transitional words and               phrases to clarify meaning.
      I can proofread writing, edit to improve conventions (e.g., grammar, spelling,                punctuation, and capitalization) and identify and correct fragments and                run-ons.
Writing Applications
      I can write narratives with a consistent point of view, using sensory details                and dialogue to develop characters and setting.

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