5th Grade
Writing Standards Pacing Chart 1st Nine Weeks

Writing Process
      I can generate writing ideas through discussions with others and from printed               material, and keep a list of writing ideas.
      I can conduct background reading, interviews or surveys when appropriate.
      I can state and develop a clear main idea for writing.
      I can use organizational strategies (e.g., rough outlines, diagrams, maps,                webs, and Venn diagrams) to plan writing.
Writing Applications
      I can write informational essays or reports, including research, that organize                information with a clear introduction, body and conclusion and includes                facts.
Writing Conventions
      I can spell high-frequency words correctly.
      I can spell contractions correctly.
      I can spell roots, suffixes, and prefixes correctly.
      I can use commas, end marks, apostrophes, and quotation marks correctly.
      I can use correct capitalization.
      I can use various parts of speech, such as nouns, pronouns, and verbs                (regular and irregular).
      I can use objective and nominative case pronouns.
      I can use indefinite and relative pronouns.
      I can locate sources and gather relevant information from multiple sources (e.g.,               school library catalogs, online databases, electronic resources, and internet               based resources).
      I can identify important information found in sources and paraphrase the                findings in a systematic way (e.g., notes, outlines, charts, tables, or                graphic organizers).
      I can compare and contrast important findings and select sources to support central                ideas, concepts, and themes.
      I can use a variety of communication techniques, including oral, visual, written, or               multimedia reports, to present information gathered.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can demonstrate an understanding of the rules of the English language and select                language appropriate to purpose and audience.
      I can deliver informational presentations (e.g., expository, research) that:
  • can demonstrate an understanding of the topic and present events or ideas in a logical sequence
  • can organize information, including a clear introduction, body and conclusion, and follow common organizational structures when appropriate (e.g., cause-effect, compare-contrast)
  • can use appropriate visual materials (e.g., diagrams, charts, illustrations) and available technology; and be able to use graphic organizers
  • can draw from several sources and identify sources used

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