5th Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart 4th Nine Weeks

Physical Sciences
         I can comprehend and explain observations of transmission, refraction, and                  reflection of light.
         I can describe and summarize observations of transmission, refraction, and                  reflection.
         I can describe that changing the rate of vibration can vary the pitch of sound.
Scientific Inquiry
         I can evaluate observations and measurements made by other people and identify                  reasons for any discrepancies.
Scientific Ways of Knowing
         I can summarize how conclusions and ideas change as new knowledge is gained.
         I can develop descriptions, explanations, and models using evidence to defend                  and support my findings.
         I can explain why an experiment must be repeated by different people or at                  different times or places and yield consistent results before the results are                  accepted.
         I can identify how scientist use different kinds of ongoing investigations depending                  on the questions they are trying to answer.

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