5th Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Physical Sciences
         I can define temperature as the measure of thermal energy and describe the way it                  is measured.
         I can trace how thermal energy can transfer from one object to another by                  conduction.
         I can describe that electrical current in a circuit can produce thermal energy, light,                  sound, and/or magnetic forces.
         I can trace how electrical current travels by creating a simple electric circuit that                  will light a bulb.
Scientific Inquiry
         I can select and safely use appropriate tools to collect data when conducting                  investigations and communicating findings.
         I can use evidence and observations to explain and communicate the results of                  investigations.
         I can identify hazards and/or precautions involved in an investigation.
Scientific Ways of Knowing
         I can identify a variety of scientific and technological work that people of all ages,                  backgrounds, and groups perform.
Science and Technology
         I can revise an existing design used to solve a problem based on peer review.

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